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Is it time to re-set the clock?

Our planet, we are told, is on a precipice, our climate pretty freaky by anyone’s standards, with undoubtedly worse to come, yet the pressures for development or to increase farming and production is never ending. Despite these pressures, famine ranges across nearly two thirds of our planet, the majority of…

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Climate Change and the Role of the Law

Stephen Tromans QC’s article begins with a statement; “We all know what is needed ….to avert the climate change catastrophe…”. There is no cautioning about the need for more scientific research or analysis, to establish whether climate change is occurring and if so, what is causing it. His statement reflects…

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Net Zero and the Rule of Law

We all now know what is needed in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reductions in order to avert the climate change catastrophe which we are currently seeing played out in real time in news reports.  If in any doubt, simply read the 42 page Summary for Policymakers produced by the…