Author: Stephen Tromans QC

Stephen Tromans QC is generally recognised as the leading practitioner in environmental law in the UK. His work covers all aspects of environmental and natural resources law, both in its regulatory and commercial aspects, in cases such as judicial review, planning and other appeals, commercial disputes, arbitration, nuisance and other common law claims. It has a significant international and EU dimension. Stephen is known as the author of the leading texts on the subjects of contaminated land, environmental assessment, and nuclear law. He has a substantial practice in all forms of energy, water, waste, and major infrastructure generally.
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Net Zero and the Rule of Law

We all now know what is needed in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reductions in order to avert the climate change catastrophe which we are currently seeing played out in real time in news reports.  If in any doubt, simply read the 42 page Summary for Policymakers produced by the…